Sunday, July 17, 2011

East Timor continued

Saturday morning

We went to Hera market in the morning.
Hera Market

In the afternoon Tom worked on the server and I tried to learn more Tetun.

The others went to Sidhara village to see a bread making demonstration.. An irrigated community garden has been established there.
Bread oven

Later we went snorkeling at Caz Bar beach, up to the big statue at Christo Rei, the supermarket and dinner at a restaurant on the beach.

Caz Bar beach, Dili

Christu Rei

The power went off at sunset and didn’t come back for 24 hours.

Sunday morning
Power still off. Up to the school to pick up 5 laptops. Ran the generator for an hour or so to cool the refrigerators and charge the laptops. Tom worked on the school server, now working if a config file on the laptops is changed. Carol and I tried out Activity sharing on an Ad Hoc network.

Sunday afternoon, church service at Sidara village.

Sidara Village

Monday morning
Tom worked on the server
Carol and I worked on activity sharing

Up to school to do Gcompris Activity with class 2A

Monday afternoon Tom worked on server and I watched

The server works!!

Monday night Into dili and stayed Dayan and Merna Barbossa of WEC. Night soccer match didn't happen because power was off.

Off to Care this morning, in principle permission to use digitised Care resources on the laptops.
Care Dili

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