Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Gateways program for gifted and talented kids

I am writing the reports for my Gateways program for gifted and talented year 5 & 6. I'm a little late but the fact that I wont get paid till the reports are done provides some incentive.

The program comprised 4 x 2 hour weekly sessions where the kids made their own game with Gamemaker . The best bit was that it repeated my Computer Club experience. The kids were highly motivated and highly productive. This is not a result just seen with exclusive private schools, the Gateways kids were drawn from a range of government schools in Melbourne's southern suburbs.

What the two programs do have in common is that the kids elected to do the program.

As I play their games, I am muttering to myself "How did they do that?" "I never showed them how to do that"

Gender: though there were big differences in their perceptions of their abilities before the program, their perceptions of the difficulty of the program showed small differences. Boys were more confident in both cases

I am looking forward to my next Gateways session.

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