Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Free ranging and bill postering

Leigh Blackall muses on Free ranging and bill postering
"Posting this thought to this blog, loading that picture to flickr, spreading that movie across all the current video servers available at the moment is just like bill postering slogans and images at 2am down the main street of your local town. I make an image and now I go about sticking it up around town for it to get noticed. I paste a few copies down Flickr St, as well as a few on BubbleShare while I'm at it. I tag my posters so they appear in other streets around the block, I scribble a few words in chalk on the pavement knowing that they'll wash off in the next rain. I cut and spray stencils to provoke thoughts in an otherwise sterile urban landscape, and accept that tomorrow the council or local do-gooder will have painted over these marks and others like it."

I theorise that his utterances become part of the thoughts of the hive mind of Web2, they are absorbed and built apon by others, reposted in ephemeral places and further refined at the speed of light.



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