Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Simulation, games and learning symposium

Highlights for me of the MCEETYA ICT taskforce Simulation, games and learning symposium were:

Richard Van Eck
Associate Professor, Instructional Design & Technology http://www.und.edu/instruct/rvaneck/ Rick Van Eck is an associate professor at the University of North Dakota, where he has been the graduate director of the Instructional Design & Technology graduate program since 2004 (idt.und.edu). He currently teaches several instructional design and technology courses, including developing computer-based instruction and using simulations and games for learning, and recently completed a year-long study of game play, game design, and workgroup composition with 5th and 6th grade students.


Andrew Carswell http://www.core-ed.net/efellows04/andrew/summary.html who investigated the effectiveness (attitudinally and academically) of virtual reality (computer gaming) technology on students' learning in a year 11 science classroom

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