Thursday, February 02, 2006

Engage Me or Enrage Me

Engage Me or Enrage Me

I liked this podcast, particularly the second half, the first half was a bit slow for me.

Prensky says "Content is going to go away, what will last is the engagement of learning." This sounds right to me. This is very like the sentiments in the overview to the Victorian Essential Learning Standards "students need to develop a set of knowledge, skills and behaviours which will prepare them for success in a world which is complex, rapidly changing, rich in information and communications technology, demanding high-order knowledge and understanding"

Later he says "Whats different about the new technology is that its programmable...whenever you do a Google search you are programming, whenever you create a word document you are programming ...... .in the middle ages, if you wanted to write a letter, you went to a scribe ..... programming is the new literacy of the 21st century." I like that, Prensky is a good communicator. Like Papert, when he says something, you think "I already knew that, I only wish I could have put it so well myself".

I had to laugh at the quote "the cookies on my daughter's computer know more about her interests than her teachers do"

Re MMORPG's (such as World of Warcraft) , he talks of the social organisation of up to 200 people self organising to fight a campaign. This rings true to me. My 12 year old son has learnt how to buy and sell at auction in WoW. He regularly organises into big parties and has learnt the necessary social skills to be accepted into parties and guilds. He installed Teamspeak with the help of his American friends, meanwhile I am spending $300 on a teleconference. His friends said "charge your dad $200!" We were both surprised, when we could hear them, to discover that his friends were adults including a mother of two. I am impressed with a game that teaches the necessary social skills that will allow a 12 year old to work co-operatively with adults.

Look at the photo of Tim Rylands, I love it. I had always imagined him at a desk at the front of the class. Look at the photo, he's in the body of the class looking to the front. Did he read Papert “there is such a thing as becoming a good learner and therefore … teachers should do a lot of learning in the presence of the children and in collaboration with them.” What is Logo? Who Needs It? © Logo Computer Systems Inc. 1999

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Blogger Bill Kerr said...

> "Content is going to go away, what will last is the engagement of learning"

Haven't listened to the podcast but did Prensky really say that? It sounds exaggerated to me. I think it would be better to frame it in terms of the changing relationship b/w content and engagement and the various factors impinging on that.

Saturday, February 11, 2006 5:33:00 PM  
Blogger Tony Forster said...

well maybe a little overstated

Sunday, February 12, 2006 10:14:00 AM  

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