Sunday, February 12, 2006

Simulation, games and learning symposium

I'll be attending the Simulation, games and learning symposium on Monday and Tuesday. Its an interesting program. I have Googled the presenters who are an interesting bunch. Its a bit of a Who's Who of educational games. These are not necessarily the links that the presenters would have chosen to represent themselves, there might even be a case of mistaken identity (sorry).

Diana Oblinger, Educause

Dr Olivia Clarke, program implementation advisor, The Le@rning Federation

Laurie Campbell & Mark Piper Education Queensland

Andrew Carswell, Maureen Lambert, Ministry of Education, New Zealand

Peter Maggs Australian Children’s Television Foundation

Students - Doncaster Gardens Primary School

Margaret Meijers -New Town High School

Tony Forster - ASISTM Project

Dr Robert Fitzgerald

Professsor Catherine Beavis Deakin University

Dr Andrew Stapleton Swinburne University of Technology

Martin Stone Curriculum Coporation

Sue Beveridge DET, New South Wales

Adrian Denyer - TDT Australia

Matthew de Moiser - Serious Games

Lynn Davie -DET, Victoria

Students - Taylors Lakes Secondary College

Oxley College

Vincent Trundle – ACMI

Students - Haileybury College

Martin Owen Richard Sanford NESTA Futurelab

Edward Castranova Indiana University

Vanessa Pittard BECTA



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