Monday, October 09, 2006

Games - ACEC2006

The ACEC2006 (2-4 October 2006 Cairns, Queensland, Australia) conference had a strong games theme as well as a full day pre-conference session on computer games (1 October)

Opening address, M. Hawney

Dr Bernard Holkner, Monash University, introduces the Games Cluster

The pre-conference session had 2 hands on sessions for beginners Game Maker and one for advanced Game Maker. You can download the resources for beginners and advanced classes.

Bill Kerr leads "gamemaker for beginners, (Al Upton and Roland Gesthuizen left)

Panel session on Games as Pedagogy ASISTM Cluster

Using Action Scripting as basis for Object Oriented Programming in IPT Allan Morrison

Making Interactive 2D games for Middle school year levels (Flash) Kristine Kopelke

Mobile Phone programming Miranda Forwood

Anatomy of a games project as perceived by students Mike Hawney

SiMERR –QSITE Presentation sharing results of the project to date Project Leaders

Main Program
What is it about digital media games that engrosses young boys: a study in the sub-culture of Yu-Gi-Oh and its potential for improving educational outcomes, T. de Jong. Paper

Gamemaker, getting started, again used Bill's Space Invaders tutorial.

Bill Kerr leads "gamemaker getting started"

Developing a holistic approach to integrating games in education: The Queensland Games in Learning Project, M. Piper abstract

Integrating games in learning: where's the PC ?, M. Piper abstract

The games students play, J. Gordon, paper

Game programming: the Computer Game Design, Programming, Multimedia and Mathematics Cluster, T. Forster, paper, podcast, presentation

Deal or No Deal and Gran Turismo 4 in the classroom, V. Chandra, paper

GameMaker at Gillen: indigenous education, K. Urquhart, paper

Kym Urquhart, Gamemaker at Gillen

Learning and teaching in the contexts of creating computer games, B. Holkner, abstract , paper

Games in learning, B. Kerr, T. Forster, M. Piper, paper, wiki, discussion paper

Teaching game making: facilitated by blogs and wikis, B. Kerr, paper, presentation, podcast

Educational games: how purchaser attitudes and markets influence design, S. Martinez, paper

Girls, programming and an introduction to Macromedia Flash actionscript, C. Stieler, abstract

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ohh I wish i had been there Tony ... thanks for all the links

Have been hearing from NZ teachers this week - thay are buzzing about the new ideas and learning they got from ACEC2006

Monday, October 09, 2006 4:04:00 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Photostory of the conference

Monday, October 30, 2006 10:16:00 AM  

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