Thursday, August 24, 2006

Social bookmarking

Its worth documenting the online presence of the individuals who comprise the ASISTM Games Programming Cluster. Sorry for any omissions.

I find the social bookmarks particularly interesting. You can see who has been reading an article that you are interested in, then you can see what else they have been reading.

Bill Kerr
Al Upton
Margaret Meijers
Roland Gesthuizen
Tony Forster
Public discussion fora frequented by the group The world's first forum on game creation in schools. Australian based, focus on pedagogy, Gamemaker and Klik&Play. Interesting history. Game Making. Australian forum, pedagogy & game creation (currently very active) Games in Learning. Australian forum, covers game playing and game creation UK based forum, game playing and creation

My other subscriptions UK based, mainly game playing Serious Games. USA, mainly game playing, strong representation from software houses (currently very active) Games as Pedagogy Australian based, game playing

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